Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More fabrics choices

Today is the first day in days we have had temps above 32 degrees out and was partly sunny.  Yesterday our house was incased in fog all day!!

My friend, Jenn, sent me a quilt that I sent her the fabric to make. It arrived yesterday, and it was so nice sleeping under it last night and it was so warm! LOVE IT, LOVE IT.


It's a Soduku quilt.

She made me this personal quilt tag.  Normally they aren't embroidered.

Here's one of the 9 blocks:

Here is another block:

Now on to my fabric choices for my ABC Quilt:

Eight Pointed Star Variation

Greek Cross

I don't have "P" picked out yet.  It's called Planned Patchhood, I will use the extra fabric from what I've used before.  It has 4 fabrics x 4, so I don't think it will need to much of any one fabric.

That's all I have for now.  Have a wonderful Tuesday evening.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Re-match of Super Bowl 42

Now for Super Bowl 46:  New England Patriots vs NewYork Giants.  Giants won in OT ruining the Patriots perfect season.  This time I doubt the Pats will allow the Giants to win again!!

The kids are home today...teacher work day.  Rick went in early, I think he left around 6:30 am.

It snowed a little (maybe 1 inch).  I took a few pictures, but forgot to post it.

Here is one: 

I'm sure we will have more this winter, last year by this time we had had at least 2 feet.  So far besides the freak snow storm on Oct 29th of last year, we have had a mild winter, hasn't even been very cold.

 I hope to cut out one or two more blocks today 'e' and 'h'.  BTW:  I will be updating my blocks today.

Have a great day.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life's Good

I've decided I need to start looking at the world through God's eyes.  Mine becomes clouded to much with my moods, the weather, what day it is or what color shirt Rick is wearing.  Not how I want to be, I know better.

My Dr's appt on Friday, did tell me anything I didn't already know.  Dr. Kavanagh wants to see me in 3 months just keep an eye on my shoulder.

Yesterday we spent most of the day cleaning.  Allen, Ruth, and their 2 girls will come on Friday evening instead of on Saturday.  Shannon's thrilled.  She's taking Bo to his 1st horse show (at least with her as 'his' owner).  Rick will most likely take her, so we won't see either of the that day.   At least I can relax.

Today cleaning was minor.  Rick worked a few hrs today and yesterday, so he wouldn't take any vacation time.

I spent today watching football games, cleaning my 'sewing' area and printing block patterns, 'cuz I changed my mind on quite a few.  I will update my list tomorrow.

My New England Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens to get to the Super Bowl. I'm watching the last 1:18 left in the SF 49ers vs NY Giants.  The score is tied at 17, the Giants have the ball.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I'm sitting here taking a break eating a sandwich and I see a streak of white (with a little brown) go by the window.  Shannon miniature horse (Toodles) was trying to keep up with her 15 or 16 hh horse. HH (hands high).

This is a picture of them our other horse, Nellie, that we sold last fall.

How cute is she???


Fabric choice for quilt blocks..

Here is the fabric I used for the Brasstown Star block

Here is the fabric I'm going to use for Calico Puzzle

Dutchman's Puzzle

and Eight Pointed Star Variation (without the brown)

That's all I have for now...


Monday and today

I was suppose to go see my shoulder Dr. yesterday, didn't realize my referral expired, so now I go Friday morning.

So Rick and I went shopping instead.  He was off from work anyway.  We went to Home Depot to look for blinds for the kitchen and dining room.  We actually found what we wanted, took down the info to come home and see if we could find them cheaper online.  I couldn't find the same ones or even any close to what we wanted, so I checked HD prices out on their web site.  I ended up getting EXACTLY what we wanted cheaper than the store and no S&H charge.  Yippee!!

We then went to Target to look for curtains for the dining room (my soon to be bedroom).  We found some, bought what we wanted, came home started to hang them only to realize the one panel was flawed.  Rick exchanged that panel today for one we can use. We will hang them tomorrow evening.

continuing on Jan 18...
Shannon has exams all week, so she only goes 1/2 days to school.  We ended up going to the, barn so she could ride.  She has been leasing a horse named Riley for almost 2 yrs.  Now, however, there is a horse called Bo at the barn for sale.  We are planning on buying him as a project horse for Shannon and in a year or so sell him for a profit.  This means we are stopping the lease on Riley, she's bored with him as she bored with him and can't really 'improve' him more than she has in the last 2 yrs.

I cut out my Antique Tile block yesterday, here's a picture, I still need to sew.

I also cut out my Brasstown Star.  Today I plan on cutting my Calico Puzzle and Dutchman's Puzzle.

My husband is going to bring my sewing machine down so I can try to sew them with the machine and not by hand.  At least I'm progressing!

It just started to snow, it won't stick cuz its too warm, DARN!!!

Have a wonderful day,
Jesus loves you,


Sunday, January 15, 2012


Our weekend has been productive for a change.  Rick has finally put Tristan old computer desk in the study and has begun to clean the 'dining' room of all his office stuff.  After that is cleaned out, we will put my bed, dresser, leather chair, tv, and cutting table in the 'dining' room.  Most of my things have been in the 'living' room for ever, or at least that's what it seems.  What we have always used as our living room, should in fact be the dining, since it's off of the kitchen.  It is a big room thus it became the living room.  It will be made into a real dining room.

I really don't see a need for a semi-formal dining room.  We have a large island and that what we use to eat on.  I am the only one home during the day, so I can eat anywhere.  When my family came here for Thanks giving a few years ago, we set up the table in our foyer.  I don't see why  can't do that if we have a lot of people over for a meal. 

I watched the NFL football playoffs most of yesterday and will watch the 2 games today as well.  Yesterday the first game was New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49'ers. The Saints lost.  Final score 32-36.  I was decided in the last minute of the game.  Then my team (New England Patriots) play the Denver Broncos at home.  The Pats won 45-10.  I felt sorry for the Broncos.  Both games were great!!

Today the other 2 games will be played. First:  Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens.  Then New York Giants at Green Bay Packers.  Another exciting day of football ahead.

I spent some time ironing the fabric for my ABC quilt, at least the 1st five blocks.  I'm sure I will be able to use the extra fabric from those blocks to make a few more next 3-5 blocks.  After, they are cut-out I will see if I can physically sew on my machine or if I will need to hand sew the blocks.   I'll deal with either even if I'm anxious about the sewing part.  God will help me me with everything as He always does.
I have a Dr's appt in the morning with my shoulder Dr.  Hopefully we/he can come up with a plan for my shoulder that doesn't include more surgery.

Rick and Shannon made lasagna for dinner.  Yummy!

Have a great day.


Friday, January 13, 2012

random thoughts, feelings and questions

Tristan and I made 2 quiches this evening.  One is ham and cheddar and the other is ham and Swiss.  I've never made one with Swiss cheese.  I may make one with Swiss cheese, bacon and spinach.  Not tonight, however.

While Rick and I go around looking at neighborhoods, we have noticed in some of the newer (last 5 yrs) neighborhoods, a 'new trend' (?)is to have a detached garages at the rear of the property.  I'm not sure I would like type of house.  To me it would be silly especially on the rain or snow.  I thought the idea of a garage was to keep the car AND driver dry.  I definitely want a garage attached to my house.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yesterday's appt. went well.

I was going to make my ABC quilt 'scrappy', but changed my mind.  I found a set of fabric, I decided to use.  I will add a brownish, a grey, and a cream.

I will have to make my Antique Tile block and Brasstown Star again, at least its only 2 and not more.

My friend, Jenn, made her Autumn Tints block and it looks wonderful.  I will post her's with mine one I re-do it.

My brother-in-law and his family may be coming down to see us on the 28th.  I hope not, I REALLY  don't care for Rick's older brother and I'm concerned about his girls around our house.  Obviously, with teenagers, our house is no where near baby/toddler proofed.   On the other-hand if they do come, the house will be 'cleaner' and on our way to trying to move elsewhere in this school district.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.   My kids are off on Monday for the MLK holiday.  Then next week Shannon has exams, so she will only go to school 1/2 days.  Not sure about Tristan.



Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Busy Wednesday

Today I have a dentist appt., my son, Tristan, has an orthodontic appt., and my daughter, Shannon, has a riding lesson.  Usually no big deal, however, she doesn't have a ride from school to the barn.

My huband, Rick, and I went to Lancaster, PA on Saturday and what a beautiful day it was, temps were in the low 60's. Sunday was in the low 60's as well.  Then on Monday we had snow.

I have started cutting my other quilt blocks out. I have cut out Brasstown Star for 'b'.  Next is Calico Puzzle for  'c'.  I have ordered more accuquilt go dies to make it easier to cut the blocks out.  I am having a really hard time cutting them.


I have been looking online for a new house...seen a few possiblities.  There's no sense in looking until we de-clutter and fix the problems with this house.  Even though we are all in agreement in moving, no one seems to  want to do anything to reach that goal.  I can't do everything alone.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Morning...

It sure is cold today, 14 degrees this morning.  I think its 20 now.  There was ice 'inside' one of our windows.  Defineitly a sweater day.

My friend, Jenn, is going to join me in my ABC quilt challenge.  Her letter 'a' is Autumn Tints, mine is Antique Tile.  I'm not sure how often I will be making the quilt blocks.  It depends on how much time I have.

My daughter has a riding lesson today, so my husband will pick her up.  My son and I will be holding down the fort along with our 3 dogs.

I need to get off and clean the kitchen.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Names of blocks

Here are the blocks I'm going to make starting tomorrow:

All are 12 inches.  Since the alphabet only has 26 letter, I've decided to make 4 'Star of Viginia' to put at each corner.  Therefore it will be 5 blocks by 6 blocks.  That seems like a nice size for a quilt.

Antique Tile (cut Jan.17th)
Brasstown Star (cut Jan. 17th)
Calico Puzzle (cut Jan 18th)
Dutchman's Puzzle (cut Jan 18th)
Eight Pointed Star Variation (cut Jan 23rd)
Four Patch Fox & Goose (cut Jan 19th)
Greek Cross (cut Jan 24rd)
Hill and Valley
Indian Mats
Jacob Ladder 2
King's Crown
Magic Cross
Nine Patch Variation
Oh Susannah!
Planned Patchhood
Prairie "Queen"
Ribbon Quilt block
Tippecanoe & Tyler Too 2
Union Squares
Variable Star
Winged Four Patch
King's "X"
Yard's Southern Charm (I made up)
Double "Z"

Starting again...

I started this last night and evidently it didn't post, oh well...it happens.

I am going to begin quilting after a few years of medical issues.  I am planning on making an ABC quilt.  However, if won't be an 'alphabet' quilt, but a quilt using blocks beginning withe each letter (ie:  Antique Tile; Brasstown Star; Calico Puzzle; Dutchman's Puzzle).  You get the idea.

I'm hoping to get all of the blocks made this year.  With two teenagers, 3 dogs, and the possibility of having more surgery on my shoulder (that I broke in Aug. 2010), AND the possibility of moving. That's why I'm giving myself a year to make the blocks