Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Busy Wednesday

Today I have a dentist appt., my son, Tristan, has an orthodontic appt., and my daughter, Shannon, has a riding lesson.  Usually no big deal, however, she doesn't have a ride from school to the barn.

My huband, Rick, and I went to Lancaster, PA on Saturday and what a beautiful day it was, temps were in the low 60's. Sunday was in the low 60's as well.  Then on Monday we had snow.

I have started cutting my other quilt blocks out. I have cut out Brasstown Star for 'b'.  Next is Calico Puzzle for  'c'.  I have ordered more accuquilt go dies to make it easier to cut the blocks out.  I am having a really hard time cutting them.


I have been looking online for a new house...seen a few possiblities.  There's no sense in looking until we de-clutter and fix the problems with this house.  Even though we are all in agreement in moving, no one seems to  want to do anything to reach that goal.  I can't do everything alone.

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  1. praying you start to sort through everything so you can start house hunting.