Thursday, January 12, 2012


Yesterday's appt. went well.

I was going to make my ABC quilt 'scrappy', but changed my mind.  I found a set of fabric, I decided to use.  I will add a brownish, a grey, and a cream.

I will have to make my Antique Tile block and Brasstown Star again, at least its only 2 and not more.

My friend, Jenn, made her Autumn Tints block and it looks wonderful.  I will post her's with mine one I re-do it.

My brother-in-law and his family may be coming down to see us on the 28th.  I hope not, I REALLY  don't care for Rick's older brother and I'm concerned about his girls around our house.  Obviously, with teenagers, our house is no where near baby/toddler proofed.   On the other-hand if they do come, the house will be 'cleaner' and on our way to trying to move elsewhere in this school district.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday.   My kids are off on Monday for the MLK holiday.  Then next week Shannon has exams, so she will only go to school 1/2 days.  Not sure about Tristan.



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