Sunday, January 15, 2012


Our weekend has been productive for a change.  Rick has finally put Tristan old computer desk in the study and has begun to clean the 'dining' room of all his office stuff.  After that is cleaned out, we will put my bed, dresser, leather chair, tv, and cutting table in the 'dining' room.  Most of my things have been in the 'living' room for ever, or at least that's what it seems.  What we have always used as our living room, should in fact be the dining, since it's off of the kitchen.  It is a big room thus it became the living room.  It will be made into a real dining room.

I really don't see a need for a semi-formal dining room.  We have a large island and that what we use to eat on.  I am the only one home during the day, so I can eat anywhere.  When my family came here for Thanks giving a few years ago, we set up the table in our foyer.  I don't see why  can't do that if we have a lot of people over for a meal. 

I watched the NFL football playoffs most of yesterday and will watch the 2 games today as well.  Yesterday the first game was New Orleans Saints vs San Francisco 49'ers. The Saints lost.  Final score 32-36.  I was decided in the last minute of the game.  Then my team (New England Patriots) play the Denver Broncos at home.  The Pats won 45-10.  I felt sorry for the Broncos.  Both games were great!!

Today the other 2 games will be played. First:  Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens.  Then New York Giants at Green Bay Packers.  Another exciting day of football ahead.

I spent some time ironing the fabric for my ABC quilt, at least the 1st five blocks.  I'm sure I will be able to use the extra fabric from those blocks to make a few more next 3-5 blocks.  After, they are cut-out I will see if I can physically sew on my machine or if I will need to hand sew the blocks.   I'll deal with either even if I'm anxious about the sewing part.  God will help me me with everything as He always does.
I have a Dr's appt in the morning with my shoulder Dr.  Hopefully we/he can come up with a plan for my shoulder that doesn't include more surgery.

Rick and Shannon made lasagna for dinner.  Yummy!

Have a great day.


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  1. Lasagna sounds awesome! I need to add that to my Feb menu plan. I am hoping you can machine sew, it would go quicker. However, sitting in a chair with your quilting stuff might be a nice old style too.