Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Monday and today

I was suppose to go see my shoulder Dr. yesterday, didn't realize my referral expired, so now I go Friday morning.

So Rick and I went shopping instead.  He was off from work anyway.  We went to Home Depot to look for blinds for the kitchen and dining room.  We actually found what we wanted, took down the info to come home and see if we could find them cheaper online.  I couldn't find the same ones or even any close to what we wanted, so I checked HD prices out on their web site.  I ended up getting EXACTLY what we wanted cheaper than the store and no S&H charge.  Yippee!!

We then went to Target to look for curtains for the dining room (my soon to be bedroom).  We found some, bought what we wanted, came home started to hang them only to realize the one panel was flawed.  Rick exchanged that panel today for one we can use. We will hang them tomorrow evening.

continuing on Jan 18...
Shannon has exams all week, so she only goes 1/2 days to school.  We ended up going to the, barn so she could ride.  She has been leasing a horse named Riley for almost 2 yrs.  Now, however, there is a horse called Bo at the barn for sale.  We are planning on buying him as a project horse for Shannon and in a year or so sell him for a profit.  This means we are stopping the lease on Riley, she's bored with him as she bored with him and can't really 'improve' him more than she has in the last 2 yrs.

I cut out my Antique Tile block yesterday, here's a picture, I still need to sew.

I also cut out my Brasstown Star.  Today I plan on cutting my Calico Puzzle and Dutchman's Puzzle.

My husband is going to bring my sewing machine down so I can try to sew them with the machine and not by hand.  At least I'm progressing!

It just started to snow, it won't stick cuz its too warm, DARN!!!

Have a wonderful day,
Jesus loves you,


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  1. We need blinds for our living room. I didnt think to check online for them.
    I love your cut out block looks great!