Tuesday, January 24, 2012

More fabrics choices

Today is the first day in days we have had temps above 32 degrees out and was partly sunny.  Yesterday our house was incased in fog all day!!

My friend, Jenn, sent me a quilt that I sent her the fabric to make. It arrived yesterday, and it was so nice sleeping under it last night and it was so warm! LOVE IT, LOVE IT.


It's a Soduku quilt.

She made me this personal quilt tag.  Normally they aren't embroidered.

Here's one of the 9 blocks:

Here is another block:

Now on to my fabric choices for my ABC Quilt:

Eight Pointed Star Variation

Greek Cross

I don't have "P" picked out yet.  It's called Planned Patchhood, I will use the extra fabric from what I've used before.  It has 4 fabrics x 4, so I don't think it will need to much of any one fabric.

That's all I have for now.  Have a wonderful Tuesday evening.


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