Sunday, January 22, 2012

Life's Good

I've decided I need to start looking at the world through God's eyes.  Mine becomes clouded to much with my moods, the weather, what day it is or what color shirt Rick is wearing.  Not how I want to be, I know better.

My Dr's appt on Friday, did tell me anything I didn't already know.  Dr. Kavanagh wants to see me in 3 months just keep an eye on my shoulder.

Yesterday we spent most of the day cleaning.  Allen, Ruth, and their 2 girls will come on Friday evening instead of on Saturday.  Shannon's thrilled.  She's taking Bo to his 1st horse show (at least with her as 'his' owner).  Rick will most likely take her, so we won't see either of the that day.   At least I can relax.

Today cleaning was minor.  Rick worked a few hrs today and yesterday, so he wouldn't take any vacation time.

I spent today watching football games, cleaning my 'sewing' area and printing block patterns, 'cuz I changed my mind on quite a few.  I will update my list tomorrow.

My New England Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens to get to the Super Bowl. I'm watching the last 1:18 left in the SF 49ers vs NY Giants.  The score is tied at 17, the Giants have the ball.

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  1. I am working at cleaning my sewing area too. I have been trying to get it organized so I can get more done.